Sketch A Day App

The only creative app that I use daily is called Sketch-A-Day. Here you can be motivated to draw a sketch a day based on theme that updates daily. You can use this to motivate yourself to draw daily (at the time of writing this, I have sketched 233 days consecutively!). In addition, there is an in-app community that can throw likes on your image.

The community is quite diverse – the users literally stretch all corners of the world and all skill levels, from beginner sketches such as myself to well advanced sketchers and artists. All mediums are accepted and you can submit as a many sketches per day as you want. The community has grown quite a bit since I started uses this almost 9 months ago. Whether you want to be involved involved or not is simply a matter of choice!

Its a great way to hone your skills by getting into a persistent routine. Some of the users offer tips and tutorials on how they achieved their results. Download below:

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Sketch A Day App

Sat, 17 August, 2019