Here’s a list of things I find useful:

Sketch a Day App Great app for giving you a prompt a day for something to sketch. It helped me to get motivated about sketching! Available in IOS and android. See results on my gallery page.

Luapress - This is the static site generator that this site uses. It allows me locally compose content in Markdown. See also statgen for a list of static site generators. Its written in Lua, can be a tricky install, but its pretty much set and forget once you get it working.

Radio Garden – Any radio station in the world, just spin the globe! Also available on an app. The novelty of finding new music has never been better.

TextPattern – This Blog once used TextPattern. I wanted to use an simpler to alternative to Wordpress. I wholeheartedly recommend this as a replacement to wordpress.

PorkBun – This is a registrar. In a previous life, I have bought and managed several thousand domains. Unfortunately I came across PorkBun when I was leaving that industry. While no registrar is perfect, this one is the best I have used. It contains nearly all useful features of Godaddy, without the bloatage.

Tineye – This is an image finder for the web. I constantly use this for finding larger versions of regular image search images for drawing references (having a 1500×1500 pixel image is easier to sketch from than a 150×150 image!).

Typora - This is a superb editor for writing in Markdown, actually, its a superb editor for writing anything. Its intuitive and distraction free. - This is an invite only tech community. Its pretty small but has good information. Similarly, check out for an aggregation of, hackernews, reddit and other tech inspired news.