About Kraxn

What is a Kraxn?

A Kraxn is Viennese slang for an old jalopy, junker, or rattletrap. As a young lad, my grandmother regularly used this word to describe her vehicle. Eventually we developed own our vernacular, and Kraxn became synonymous for any old but useful tool. Amongst those I am close to, I still use this term – so its only fitting that kraxn become the name of this blog.

Likewise, blogs are now crusty old tech that are rapidly replaced by various aspects of social media. These platforms have wrapped their tentacles around our attention. They enslave many to put on their best public face, reverberate inside others echo chambers, or force them into using unwanted/unwarranted technology. A blog, though an older technology, can give users an anonymous voice and control over technology.

Kraxn.io is my re-emergence into the online world. This includes my art (for example, Sketch-A-Day), music samples as well as thoughts on existence. I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy or even agree with anything you’ll find here, but I thank you for visiting nonetheless.

~The Management at Kraxn.io

If for any reason you’d like to contact me, use the email below:

questionable (at) kraxn (dot) io